Monday, May 9, 2011


October 17th 2009… just three weeks into our extended training. The tata sumo from BIT travels was waiting near the reception. We were about to experience the most amazing theme parks in our lives !!! This time our gang included Renga, Deepak, Shree, Vasu, Madhu, Arun, Sivaranjani and myself. After the usual routine checks at the gates, we continued our way on the bangalore- mysore highway. Stopped for breakfast, did some small shopping at the shop near the hotel, and then continued our way towards wonderla. The 2 ½ hr drive was a total entertainment as we played dumb sharads all along… As we neared wonderla, the first glimpse caught our eye. The giant wheel on top of the tower !! we reached wonderla at around 10:15. After clicking a few snaps outside the gate, we finally entered the park.

We were immediately welcomed by the mascots at the entrance J Then after keeping our bags in the locker rooms, we rushed to the rides !! The first two rides were good (I don’t remember the names of the rides J ) after that we continued to the haunted castle ride.. (we really missed u Siddha ).

Then we continued to the little more violent rides (the upside down kinda stuff). Then the inevitable happened to me. ***censored*** . After finishing with the dry rides, we had a small change and then went into the wave pool !! It was then I had a small accident. As I was going for an underwater swim, I didn’t notice the wall ahead of me and banged straight head-on (ouch) !! Nothing much happened ( I thought the wall might be cracked but thank God :D ) My head started bleeding slightly J then after cleaning it and then enjoying the waves, we continued to the rain dance !! (I just cant forget ur dance Vasu ). Went on to the lazy river, tossing everybody off their floats, the boomerang water slide, screaming our guts out, and the other water slides, the mat – ride where I overtook vasu (hope u remember that), and the guy didn’t allow madhu to come on the mat slide coz she was a but underweight L, the water games were just amazing !!! Then again we went to the wave pool, had some fun and then continued to the smaller childrens pool. The childrens pool had a small platform on which water was showering from everywhere and there was a bucket which gets filled every 5 mins… Everytime the bucket gets filled, all of us rush to stand under the bucket J After playing in the small slides, we finally made our way out of the water.

After a small change, we went to the giant wheel on the tower. The tower is about 15 storey’s high and the view from the top is just breathtaking !! It was very dark to see anything outside, but the city lights in the dark were beautiful !! then after playing with the “kissing fish” , we made our way outside. Tired and hungry, our sumo stopped at lemon grass restaurant on the way where we had some spicy food, we were back to mysore DC . Another unforgettable day in our lives !!

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