Monday, May 9, 2011

Mysore Infosys - The Summer of 2009

June 7th, 2009 – The day we started our journey in Infosys. It was a Sunday morning… all students straight out of their college. It was about 2 weeks after the last day in college. The 2 weeks was just enough time for finishing the formalities required before joining. After finishing the bag check and getting our pink ids(that’s the temporary ID card) with colored tags, we were put in a sumo followed by a small auto – tempo kind of vehicle which had our bags towards our respective hostels. That was when we first got a glimpse of the Mysore DC.

It was truly breathtaking !!! Believe me.. ive not seen any place like that in India !!! The hostel rooms were just amazing.. each room equipped with a LCD tv, AC, tea bags, coffee powder, sugar cubes, electric water heater, housekeeper to clean the room daily, …. It was like a 5 star hotel. We had an induction program which usually takes place at the multiplex where all the company policies, do’s and don’ts, and formal introduction takes place for about a week or two. After that we moved on to our training. The first two months is intermediate training where the modules consists of all the basic stuff like programming, rdbms, java, etc. Intermediate is in the GEC 1. The class rooms are simply amazing… each classroom is 100 seater with individual systems, and a projector. The first two modules are crucial since only after that we get to know the hang of studying. The modules were not very easy… After every module there is a test and it takes place every week or sometimes even two tests in a week. The tests are the most important part since if u fail in 3, you are out. Pass in all and fail in compre (the final test), you are out. Pass in all with cgpa less than 4(failing in 1 unfortunately), exit. With all these in mind, talent doesn’t matter. Only hard work and luck matters in infy training. The intermediate went on well, after which we had some ILI sessions(which is the fun part) and then into stream.

Stream takes place for another 2 months in GEC 2. We were lucky to get into Java (as they said that it was the easiest ). GEC 2 was opened by Sonia Gandhi while we were in our stream. Our batch was 13 fm CS & IT . 11 of us made it though the training. After the stream, we had another 2 months of extended training. This was where the fun started. There was no exit in extended training. So we didn’t have to worry about passing. And we were in Open Systems (the most difficult streams as they say ). But somehow we passed. This was the time when we went for tours to all the surrounding places. Whenever we think of Mysore, the first thing that comes to our mind is Mysore DC. In our batch, though we came from the same class, we hadn’t spoken to everybody till we joined here. But after life in mysore, everything has changed. We became more like a family, eating, studying, playing together.

Things that we cant forget in Mysore- RRR hotel, the Punjabi dhaba outside the campus, the food courts, the hostel rooms, Proctor login, it goes on…. There were nights when we used to study till 12 and till the wachman chased us out of the classrooms, nights we went walking on the roads with ur best pals, celebrated birthdays in food courts, hitting cream on the b’day baby, getting shouting from the security, consoling friendz when they cried for flunking a test,…. etc.

Made lots of new friendz from lots of places, saw the tears of many who were told to leave, and the smiles of others when they saw more than 65 on their test screens. Though we may be in different places rite now, bzy with our projects and deadlines, mysore was a place that no trainee will ever forget in life… Those were the best days of my life !!

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