Monday, May 9, 2011

Balmurri lake

10th October ‘09 – It was during our stream training. We left on a Saturday evening to balmurri…. Which was on the way from mysore city bustand to kr dam. It was about half an hour from city bus stand. A guy in the bus told us that after getting down, take a right and go for a kilometer or two… and there is the lake over there… so after getting down, and finally finding the road leading to the lake, we were not sure how to go there. The locals said that there was no conveyance to the lake… Luckily, we found an auto which was open at the back usually used to carry loads n stuff… somewhat like a “kutty yaanai” .

The auto driver also obliged to take us there to the lake and back… All of us hopped in the back and began our jolly auto ride towards the lake. After a kilometer and a half, we reached the lake.. The driver also said that there is a falls nearby another kilometer from the lake… so we decided to see the falls first and then while returning see the lake… It was nice sight on both sides of the road… coconut trees, green fields illuminated by the evening sun, and water flowing on one side… the road was pretty narrow and was enough only for one vehicle to pass… so when a santro came opposite, our auto had to wait at the side of the road until the car passed by… and we reached edumurri falls in about 10 mins… we were surprised to see a pretty large crowd hanging around there… it was not actually like a “waterfalls” that we had expected… It was an area of water amidst the green fields surrounding it… and there was somewat a dam like sort of wall made of rocks and cement about 15 feet high and length of 2 trailers standing end to end… and the sheet of water was flowing from the upper level to the lower level over this wall and the rocks. The lower level was a lot of huge rocks all over submerged underwater and some part of it visible over the surface…. All of us then crossed the water and then sat on a rock partially visible over the surface. Then after that we went to the side, climbed over the wall and walked on the wall over which the water was flowing down… It was an amazing experience to feel the water moving silkily over our feet :)

Then after having a good time there, we climbed down and back to our auto to balmurri lake. After reaching balmurri lake, we bought some fried fish from one of the carts just outside the lake, and then started on our parisals… A parisal is a small circular vessel made of bamboo which can accommodate about 4 people… Muthu, siva, shree, madhu, and vasu took the first one… and in the second one, renga, terror, anu, susi, and me. The boatman took our parisals near a temple, and a small circle around the lake, and then suddenly, he turned the parisal extremely fast… both parisals rotating like tops in the middle of the lake… all of us yelling and screaming !!!

it was a nice experience… then after having the fried fish in the parisal, we returned back to land… then after a short while were back on our auto and back to the main road… yelling and shouting on the way back….. This was one of our first trips from mysore…. A very memorable first trip which is unforgettable till today :’-)

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