Monday, May 9, 2011


7th November 09 – the day we set out to conquer coorg……. A place famous for its coffee…. Our gang included Deepak (a.k.a Muthu Raja)(CMED) , Sivaranjani (EUSX) , Anushya (CMED) , Subashree (CMED), Subramani (BCMD), Sidda Ranjani (a.k.a terror) (RETL), Renga Prasad(RETL), Mangleswari (a.k.a madhu) (CMED) and Vasumathy (EUSX). 06:15 am…. renga and me left building no. 86 and reached the reception where our tempo traveler was waiting for us…. 7:00 am all of us inside and our tempo started moving towards gate no.2 …. It was while our bag checking that I realized that I had brought the “Infosys” towel (which I was not supposed to)…. J the security at the gate said dat it was “company offence” and sent me back with ma towel L…….. Then we left MysoreDC and stopped at around 8:30 for breakfast…. It was when we met some of our friends from crescent college…. They were going to coorg the second time….. The road was just amazing… Our first stop – Buddhist monastery….. It was a Tibetan settlement…. We had the experience of entering a whole new place….. everything was in their culture… Tibetans everywhere…. The Buddhist monastery was just amazing….

Our tempo stood just outside the entrance of the monastery. As we went through the entrance, we saw small monks playing around in the open space just before the monastery.... as we passed them, we came to a huge building with a picture of buddhist on it, next to the building was a another temple where we entered and found three massive golden statues of Buddha, a huge gong, and the atmosphere was so serene and silent. Then we took a walk around the gardens near the temple, saw a bit of the hostels where the monks stay, took a few gud pics, took a peep into the shops outside the temple campus near the tempo. I bought a small laughing buddha souvenir. Then we boarded our tempo and to our next destination - Nisargadhama.

Nisargadhama was a beautiful place.... we reached at around 10:15 or so.... there is a suspended bridge at the entrance which terror loved a lot :) ..... after crossing the bridge the location was simply superb.... It was like an entrance to a forest.... a few shops and a rabbit park welcomed the tourists.... we then started to walk into the woods... the woods was sprawling with bamboo and teak.... clicking some shots as we went, saw a river nearby n decieded to get into it as it was not very deep and had rocks all over.... The water was so coool and as we went near the middle of the river, fishes started tickling our legs!!! :D

Then after having some fun in the water, we came out and again started our walk through the woods.... then after about half and hour we found a tree house.... a house made of bamboo about 20-25 feet high up within the trees.... climbed through the ladder and went inside.... had a nice time over there...... then we reached our starting point... went to the rabbit park, saw some beautiful cute white baby rabbits with red eyes, took some pics on a suspended platform, then on our way back through the suspended bridge and to our tempo.

Our next destination - dubbare. We reached dubbare at around 12:40. Dubbare is a place famous for rafting - white water n still water. There is a river which we have to cross and on the other side are the elephants. We just missed the elephant ride as the elephant ride closes at 12:30... :( but anyway, we got to see some elephants real close while they were grazing and the mahouts with them. After coming back by boat, we went for rafting – this was the best part….. all of us padded up in life jackets with an oar in hand looking like warriors ready for battle!!! :D

rafting was simply superb…. Our raft guide took our raft under the tree branches which leaned from the banks of the river….. after we rowed for about half an hour, it was time for swimming !!! we had a gr8 time in the water….. Then Anushya and terror got into the boat after a while in the water….. after that wat happened was simply hilarious…. Terror pushed anu into the water from the boat and said “aiii jaali !!! “ the next second, we all had a gud laugh seeing terror falling head-first into the water (our guide of course….) and all of us started laughing and said “aiii jaali !!!!” :D

Then all of us came out of the water after a gud swim. had a gud lunch in the nearby restaurant… It started raining heavily by that time…. At around 5:00, we left dubbare

Our next destination – Iruppu falls… This is one falls that nobody will forget… It was dark already… we had only half n hour to return to the tempo…. It was a long walk to the waterfall….. we reachd the waterfall but cudnt have a bath since it was very dark n couldn’t see anything. The rocks were also a bit slippery. So we deceided to turn back…. It was while coming that Vasumathy felt something bite on her leg…. As it was absolutely dark, nobody cud see anything and she jst threw the insect away n continued walking. We used the light from the mobiles as our source and only guide to reach the tempo. After coming to our tempo, we checked vasu’s leg and found it bleeding…. Then all others checked their feet and found leeches stuck all over them….. then we stopped at a medical shop, bought some dettol, cotton, n cleaned it a bit….. we cudnt keep our legs on the floor of the van since the leeches may climb up our legs….. so we were sitting on the seats…. And then suddenly we saw a leech crawling on the tv !!!! then we stopped at a small hotel on the way back, had a gud dinner , n bak to our mysore DC at 10:30…… it was a 1 day trip still unforgettable….

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