Monday, May 9, 2011

Sivanasamudra waterfalls

It all began when a gang of six infoscions set out to conquer the unknown. Our destination – Sivanasamudra waterfalls (a.k.a Barachukki). Our gang included Deepak (CMED) , Sivaranjani (EUSX) , Anushya (CMED) , Subashree (CMED), and Vasumathy (EUSX). It was 31st October 7:00 am when we left Mysore DC and started our journey towards Sivanasamudra falls. We took a bus to Malavalli and then from Malavalli to barachukki. It was a very small village and there was no proper conveyance to the falls. So we hopped in an auto winding through the villages and after 12 km we reached the first waterfall. It was a beautiful waterfall with an amazing height but the locals said that it was too dangerous to have a dip. So we decided to have a closer look and began our trek down toward the base of the falls.

The path was very rocky with sharp rocks studded all over. The water was flowing with tremendous force and in an hour we reached the edge of a large rock after which we could not proceed. The rock was about 50 feet high and water was flowing down from the place we were standing. When I peeped from the large rock and saw below, there was something that surprised me!!! We saw hundreds of butterflies flying around and coming from below.

I don’t know from where the butterflies came or why they were flying around the water that was flowing with so much force, but it was really a beautiful sight.

Then after making our way upwards, we went to the second falls which was a kilometer or two from the first.

The second falls was again a small trek downwards and we reached the base pretty fast. This one was a really nice place. We went for boating in a “parisal” as it is known. The parisal is a small circular vessel made of bamboo and palm leaves which can accommodate around 4-5 people. The boatman took our parisal under the waterfalls which was so cool!!!

After the boating we had to cross a small stream with the help of tree branches and rocks that were under the water. It was quite a difficult task since we did not have anything to catch hold of. After crossing the stream, we had a small dip in the waterfalls. This place was truly refreshing and there was about 4-5 feet water and water falling from above. It was a really nice place. We did not have the heart to leave the water but we had to after enjoying about an hour in the water. Actress Charmi had come for a shooting. Took a couple of snaps with her ;)

At dusk we left the place and returned in the auto. The day ended as all of us tired and hungry, made our way back to Infosys Mysore with those happy moments still lingering in our hearts.

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