Sunday, February 4, 2018


Genre : Drama
Story : A fisherman's tale

Just wanted to share a few words about the short film I had just shared a few days back.

The story -
So when we watch something like the news on tv(or online), we see it, maybe feel sorry for the victims, and sometimes discuss at our workplace and move on. Maybe share something on social media(which is useless anyways), but that is it. Nobody thinks about the backstory of an event that takes place. We are trained to think and believe only what is shown to us, and not challenge the information or think around it. This also happens because we eat so much information from fb, whatsapp, etc and don't digest anything. So I thought, maybe lets go behind this one. Lets tell the other side of the story, and here it is.

So this was done for a short film competition in my previous organization, and I would like to thank them for giving me the opportunity, and happy to complete it just before leaving Chennai. Was also nominated for best director and best film :) Every movie we make, we always have a feeling that we could have made it better with little more time and effort, but nonetheless, almost everyone being new to making movies, I was impressed by the dedication of the entire team. Thanks guys !

Please watch, share, and feel free to give feedback so that it will help us make more meaningful movies.

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