Sunday, January 31, 2016

2016 - A new year, a new start !

And there comes another New Year !

Happy New Year everyone, and sorry for being a bit late ;) Few things to catch up... okay, so first of all, glad to announce that I have moved from Bangalore to Chennai. Not a very welcoming change for me, but since I got a new job and since its a better profile (a tech lead now) and a better company, I didn't have the heart to leave it, so here I am - in Chennai ! Yaay !

So we had some unexpected floods in Chennai, luckily managed to get through. I haven't been able to do a single shoot since I landed here in december last year :( and being super busy with work and stuff, its making things very hard - photography wise. Anyways, I also had to concentrate on my professional life once in a while and didn't want to ignore that while busy shooting. I still haven't shared the last shoot I had done in Bangalore, so will post those pics in coming days. Having a lot of problems with internet connectivity in the place where I'm staying, so I haven't had the chance to even visit facebook or anything for a while now. So meanwhile I'm looking to settle down and start shooting again.

Have a great year everybody !

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