Saturday, September 22, 2012

iMAX !

So finally I planned a trip to Hyderabad to visit my sis and also got tickets to watch The Dark Knight Rises at Prasad's iMAX :) Yaay !

 I had seen TDKR on the first day at a normal theater, but now I really wanted to see it on iMAX. I only knew that iMAX had the biggest screens, but never knew too much technicalities of it. So then I did some research and found that iMAX experience was totally different - with twice the size of a regular film at 70mm, it was bigger, better, brighter and louder. Prasad's is pretty good, the seating was so inclined that nothing comes in your way while watching. The rows were horizontally curved like an arc, the screen was so huge that it fills your entire peripheral vision. TDKR had around 72 mins of iMAX footage which was pretty good. The proportion is so awesome that when you see a person conversing on screen, it felt that you are standing next to that person in the conversation. It just feels that you are in it. Imagine you are travelling in a flight and when you look out of the window, you can see small cars moving, lamp posts, and sometimes people also ! It was the same experience while watching an aerial view of Gotham city :) There was so much of detail in every frame, it just felt so real! Truly, hats off to the people who invented this technology and have taken movie making to a whole new level. For all those out there who have not yet had an iMAX experience, just go and watch it.

It's A.W.E.S.O.M.E !

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